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Effective Methods for Practicing Positive Parenting

Posted in Uncategorized by madansaireddyzlpope on the June 22, 2013

Positive parenting is something that has generated a lot of talk lately and not everyone is in agreement as to what it means exactly. Most people think that positive parenting means being a parent who is able to effectively communicate with their children and encourage positive behavior. At the same time, it’s also necessary to apply a certain amount of discipline and to restrict unwanted behavior. Even this, however, can be done in a positive way. In this article, we’ll discuss a few positive parenting strategies you can use.

You need to take some time out for yourself if you are to be an effective positive parent to your children. You can’t expect yourself to be a positive parent to your children if you’re stressed out. You don’t have an infinite supply of patience or energy. And unless you learn how to take good care of yourself, you can’t really take good care of your children. It becomes even more challenging to take care of yourself when you have children who takes up much of your energy and time every day. Nonetheless, you need to be eating well yourself, as well as getting adequate sleep and exercising. Don’t ignore issues that cause you stress. Address them at the soonest so you can eliminate the stress. The better care you take of yourself, the more energy you’ll have for your children.

According to most experts, the authoritative style of parenting is the most effective among the styles of parenting today. Authoritative style is not the same as the authoritarian style of parenting wherein children are expected to obey their parents without question. Authoritative parenting, however, is where you set rules and boundaries, but you keep an open line with your children so they can discuss those with you. There are parents who are under the mistaken belief that positive parenting means they have to be permissive parents, not laying out any boundaries or rules for their children to follow. When you’re an authoritative, positive parent, you take active involvement in your children’s lives. You also know how and when to set limitations for your children. Parents who practice positive parenting with an authoritative style tend to be flexible and are willing to discuss crucial issues concerning rules with their children.

Spending time with your children is one of the most basic principles of positive parenting. It’s crucial that parents make time for their children no matter how busy they are. You’re more likely to form a strong, lasting bond with your children if you make time to talk, play, and do things with your children every day. If your child is in school plays or participates in athletic events, make every effort to attend these. It’s often the case that children develop behavior problems when they’re not secure and feel neglected. Make sure you aren’t too busy to spend quality time with your child. Positive parenting is not always easy, and no parent can expect to be perfect in every way. Good parenting doesn’t mean having well-behaved kids or infinite patience on the part of the parents. Rather, good parenting means being interested in what’s happening to your child and his or her activities. The tips on positive parenting that we’ve shared in this article can help guide you towards being a more effective and conscientious parent.

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